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(using default non-GUI install from

On Windows, it seems like mplayer ignores $HOME, but rather thinks that /mplayer is its "home directory".

This directory does have file subfont.ttf, about which included file README.txt says that:

This package comes with a trimmed-down (latin characters only) version of the Bandal font in the file mplayer/subfont.txt. The font is copyright 2006 by Ho-Seok Ee <> and available und under the terms of the Artistic license.

but it does not seems like mplayer reads this file at all.

I got around by running mplayer like that:

mplayer d:\MPlayer-1.0rc2\mplayer -font $HOME\mplayer\Font\font-arial-14-iso-8859-1\font.desc

though unfortunately I don't remember where exactly content of $HOME\mplayer came from....


Memory used: 1070976